Skinny Chicken and celery Salad

This skinnt chicken celery salad is a full meal!

I love chicken salad and there are many ways you can make it, some people only mix chicken and veggies or chicken and potato. This is the one I made with only the ingredients I already had in the fridge so basically you can call this salad “chicken and whatever I had in the fridge” salad.

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Healthy Turkey Barbecue Meatballs



Meatballs are easy to make and easy to eat. You can have them with pasta, vegetables, salad, bread or plain. We usually make traditional meatballs using ground beef, but this time we tried ground turkey and yes believe me this is so good and well it doesn’t have all the guilt I normally feel when I have red meat. It’s lean, doesn’t have fat and is baked in the oven. What more can I say?

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A wonderful, educational and insanely delicious weekend at IFBC

Saturday and Sunday were full of interesting things that I will never forget. Every session was very educating and every speaker was one of a kind. Each and very step of the conference was taken and modified professionally without a slip. Foodista and Zephyradventures did a fantastic and flawless job managing this conference.

Our Saturday started with an early breakfast hosted by StoneyField, an organic yogurt company with very delicious variations of yogurt including gingered pear and apple cinnamon. The breakfast included berry and banana smoothie and pineapple banana smoothie and both were delicious, there were also a variation of yogurts, avocado and yogurt toast and parfait too, all delicious as well.

Saturday breakfast at IFBC

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Friday and the opening of IFBC 2015

To me, this is an important event because I’m a new food blogger and every word said in this conference is a gem to me. I am meeting wonderful people, who have great blogs and social media and who have been doing this for a very long time, so to me, these people are like mentors, they have experienced whatever I am experiencing and have lived through it, therefore this is a great time for me to just take advice and use them!

In morning there was a 3-hour session about blogging and wordpress, we had a great time listening to Jean talking about every step of blogging, plugins, and many different topics. A very useful session for me, I am so happy I attended that session.

The IFBC2015 registration was really easy and fast, the badges were already organized in alphabetical order so everyone found their badges fast and then the fun part started! And that’s the gift suit! we got tons and tons of stuff, from gluten free snacks to a book with all avocado recipes to cake mix and flat bread mix! (Sorry if the picture is not perfect)


I got to meet many amazing people again and made great conversations. Many talented people and great bloggers, photographers and writers, all with the same passion: Good Food.

Now what is better than good food and good company? I can’t think of anything!

There was also some samples around that I just loved so much, such great taste and combination. I loved the salad and fish.



I am also baking…drum roll please…CINNAMON ROLLS!!! The cinnamon rolls are for tomorrow’s food swap which is my first food swap, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna see wonderful treats there too. Wait for a good post about that one 🙂

Here is a little preview…


So Excited for tomorrow. Gonna have a long, but wonderful day 🙂

The Thursday Before IFBC2015

So today was the official start before IFBC 2015(International Food Blogger Conference) in Seattle. I met Johnny who writes A Punk, A camera and an empty stomach for the day. We met for lunch and we went to Paseo in Fremont. It’s a Caribbean restaurant that offers sandwiches in both sandwich bread or in a plate (more like a box) served with rice, a corn on the cob, a cup of beans and salad. We all got the most popular meal, Caribbean roast. Oh my goodness that was an amazing dish. White rice was perfectly seasoned with salt and butter, there was a fresh corn on the cub, a very fresh lettuce and beetroot salad, a semi spicy cup of beans and of course the star, pork shoulder coated in Paseo marinade and slow cooked into pulled pork which was pure perfection. Oh-so-good. For two people we paid $25 which was a good price noting the fact that it was a lot of food (I brought almost half back) and it was a fantastic food.

Paseo Rosted Caribbean plate in Seattle by Paseo

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