Baked French Toast with Berry Compote

This homemade baked French toast with Berry compote is all you need for a Sunday morning! Save time and energy by baking these French toasts in the oven! 


You guys! I really need to tell you about this baked French toast with berry compote! I also need to tell you about something else, too!

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Buffalo Chicken French Bread

If you are looking for a food that pleases everyone, your search is over! This Buffalo Chicken French Bread is a crowd pleaser! 

This Buffalo Chicken French Bread is the ultimate game day or any fun day food! It's beyond delicious!

Oh really? Another buffalo recipe? Trust me, this is not ANOTHER buffalo recipe. This is THE buffalo recipe!

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Easy No-fail Ratatouille

An all time favorite! This Easy No-Fail Ratatouille is a great choice for a healthy meal!

 An easy French dish, vegetarian and delicious. Your kitchen will smell like a French kitchen. Bon Appetite!

Remember when I told you I have some friends in Seattle and one of them lives in Camano Island? We visited them again some days before we came to east coast. I haven’t told you how Mohammad Reza and I became friends, here is the story:

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