Grilled Tilapia in Foil

An easy way to make grilled tilapia without worrying about it sticking to the grates or overcooking. Ready in less than 30 minutes, you can serve with a fresh salad for a delicious summer dinner!

Why You'll Love This Recipe

Customizable: What I love the most about this grilled tilapia recipe is that you have the main and the sides in one pack. You can add or remove vegetables and spices to your liking to make this dish your own. More on that below.

Easy: Just pack, wrap and grill. No need to worry about the fish being overcooked or sticking to the grates. This is the perfect recipe for those who are unsure about how to grill tilapia.

Quick: These cook in less than 20 minutes, making them the perfect dinner for any day of the week.

How to Make Grilled Tilapia  in Foil

The Ingredients

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