Arabic Ground Beef and Rice Recipe

If you're a fan of delicious one-pot meals, this recipe is made for you! Hashweh is a Middle Eastern rice dish made with ground beef and rice perfectly seasoned with warm spices.

When it comes to Middle Eastern dishes, the rice-based ones truly stand out!   My hashweh rice recipe is another unique and delicious Middle Eastern recipe that I cannot wait to share with you today.  Whether served as a meal or a side, hashweh is guaranteed to impress with its hearty ingredients and robust flavors.


> Olive oil > Onion > chopped > Ground beef > Seven spice > Cinnamon > Allspice > Salt > Jasmine rice > Water

History of Hashweh

Hashweh, originating in the Levant, is a traditional Middle Eastern stuffing used in dishes like stuffed vegetables. It combines seasoned ground meat, rice, and spices, likely emerging as a resourceful use of staple ingredients like rice and ground meat.

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