Juicy Kabob Koobideh

A Popular Persian Kabob Recipe

Kabob Koobideh is a popular Persian kabob recipe that's so juicy and delicious. Made with minced meat and onion, this kabob recipe is famous for good reason. If you follow my detailed tutorial, you'll learn how to make the perfect koobideh every time.

How To Make Kabob Koobideh

How To Make The Best Koobideh

The meat:

You can grind your own meat or use store-bought ground beef. Ensure it contains enough fat to prevent it from falling off the skewers.

A good koobideh relies on the onion-to-meat ratio, which should be ¼ onion to meat. For 2 lbs of meat, use ½ lb of grated or pureed onion. Remove excess liquid from the onion before weighing it.



When you think you've kneaded the meat mixture long enough, knead it some more. The mixture should look paste-y and feel sticky.

Koobideh cooks quickly, so form all the kabobs before grilling. Keep a lidded pot handy to keep them warm as you finish grilling.

Have it all ready:

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