Maqluba with lamb

Maqluba is a popular Middle Eastern dish that combines rice, vegetables, and meat. One of the unique things about this dish is how it is carefully layered, cooked, then flipped upside down to reveal what's inside.


Flavorful: Maqluba is packed with flavor, thanks to the fragrant spices and the traditional layering method.

Versatile and Adaptable: Maqluba: Customize to your heart's content! Play with spices, veggies, and more.

Unique presentation: Maqluba's unique layering and flipping bring joy to mealtime with loved ones.

Easy to Make: Authentic Maqluba: Easy yet impressive. Roast veggies, cook lamb, layer with rice.

Maqluba's Key Ingredients

What is the best way to serve maqluba? Maqluba is traditionally served family-style, with the pot flipped upside down onto a large serving platter to reveal the layers of meat, vegetables, and rice. It is often garnished with toasted nuts and fresh herbs before serving.

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