Mediterranean Grilled Pizza

Want to make pizza outdoors? Try this grilled pizza recipe. You only need to master one simple technique to make perfectly grilled pizza every time!


Roll the dough: Roll the pizza dough thicker than you would do for the oven or pizza oven to have better control on the dough and its crispiness.

Toppings: Don't go overboard with the toppings and the sauce so the pizza doesn't fall apart when grilling.

Grill: In order to make sure the dough doesn't stick to the grates, make sure the grill is completely hot and you've rubbed the grates with a piece of potato. The starch in the potato will make the grates nonstick.

This grilled pizza makes a delicious meal alongside some fresh salad such as Greek salad, caprese or cucumber tomato feta salad. We also love serving it with some extra grilled vegetables, grilled stuffed mushrooms and pan con tomate on the side.

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