Perfect Baklava Recipe

This delicious Middle Eastern dessert is made with flaky phyllo pastry, nuts and simple syrup. You can make this baklava recipe ahead of time and wow everyone!

What's the origin of baklava?

Baklava was one of the most popular desserts in the Ottoman empire, therefore you can't pinpoint its origins to a specific country. Every country, including Greece and Lebanon, has put its own delicious twist on this classic Middle Eastern pastry.

Since baklava is beloved worldwide, it's no surprise there are numerous variations. Greek recipes typically include 2 tablespoons of honey in the syrup, while Lebanese versions use orange blossom water or rosewater. Turkish baklava, such as the one featured here, often opts for a simple syrup with a hint of lemon juice.

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For non-soggy baklava, cool syrup completely before pouring over hot-from-the-oven pastry. Similar technique is used for melomakarona

Depending on the brand, you'll get either 15-18 large phyllo sheets (roughly 26x9) or 40 sheets nearly 13x9. For larger ones, no need to cut; simply fold in half and brush with melted butter.

Margarine - or other butter substitutes, for that matter - won't work for this recipe. However, ghee works just fine since it's clarified butter.

Don't chop the nuts too finely. Make sure they're still a bit crunchy and have a bite to them.






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