Persian Cream Puffs

(Noon Khame-i)

If you love cream puffs, you're going to love this Persian version! Introducing Persian Cream Puffs (Noon Khame-i), light, airy, round choux pastries with a delicate outer shell and a soft, fluffy interior. Once baked, they're typically filled with whipped cream.


Persian Cream Puffs are called “noon e khamei, or naan e khamei” in Farsi, which translates to “whipped cream bread.” These delightful treats are like little clouds of happiness with their light, fluffy pastry and creamy filling.

Cream puffs have been enjoyed for centuries, and their history is intertwined with various cultures. The basic concept of choux pastry, which forms the foundation of cream puffs, is indeed French. However, different cultures have put their own spin on this pastry.

The Ingredients

How to Make Persian Cream Puffs


You can serve Persian cream puffs with a variety of drinks to complement their flavors.  Here are some options: Persian tea is a classic choice that pairs well with the sweetness of the cream puffs. Coffee's bold flavor contrasts nicely with the delicate cream puffs. Try pairing it with my caramel latte. Cardamom Rose Hot Chocolate is a comforting choice, especially during colder months. The chocolatey flavor complements the cream puffs.

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