The Mediterranean Weeknight Dinners eCookbook

The Mediterranean Weeknight Dinners eCookbook includes…


  • 75+ delicious and easy recipes from the Unicorns in the Kitchen blog plus many recipes that you’ve never seen before! 
  • Recipes for salads & sides, sauces & dips, appetizers & snacks, breakfast, vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes.
  • Mediterranean diet grocery shopping list.
  • Two sample week-long Mediterranean meal plans.
  • Step by step instructions for each recipe. 
  • Nutritional information for each recipe.
  • …And more!

Mediterranean cuisine focuses on eating in balance. By learning Mediterranean cooking, you’ll start to make healthy dishes that taste extremely good!

Mediterranean dinners for the week!

If you’re tired of making the same food every week, you’re in for a treat. The Mediterranean Weeknight Dinners e-Cookbook shows you how to make delicious dinners that are easy, healthy and actually taste good! With my step by step instructions and a thorough Mediterranean shopping list, you’ll be able to make tasty recipes at home with no hassle. I’ve included two weeks of meal plans with shopping lists to get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mediterranean recipes healthy?

Yes! The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle is healthy since it’s based on being active, eating a lot of vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats (olive oil and nuts) and lean protein. Our new eCookbook contains recipes that are actually good for you! 

Can I find the ingredients easily?

Absolutely. Mediterranean recipes usually don’t call for exotic ingredients. As for spices, you can find most of them in your local supermarket or online.

Are the recipes quick to make?

Most of the recipes in this eCookbook are ready in less than one hour. There are also a few recipes that take longer to make, but can be enjoyed throughout the week if prepared over the weekend.

Are there any vegetarian recipes?

Yes, there a complete vegetarian chapter in the eBook that includes vegan recipes. Also, many of the starters, salads and snacks are also vegetarian and vegan.

Are the recipes keto, GF or low carb?

While the Mediterranean lifestyle doesn’t follow any of these specific diets, many recipes in this eBook are naturally keto, gluten free and/or low carbs. 

Are the recipe easy to make?

Absolutely. These recipes are developed for anyone who likes to cook and enjoy delicious recipes. They don’t call for any specific cooking skills.

What our readers say:

This fantastic ebook will make you want to dive in and get cooking. You can tell how much thought went into each and every recipe. They have incredible flavor profiles and beautiful, eye catching photography. – Jennifer 

Everything looks so yummy, I want to make it all! The photos are all so drool-worthy! I tried out the Greek Eggplant Moussaka and it was a big hit with my family. -Laura

This cookbook is full of easy, impressive dishes! Shadi not only creates colorful meals that you can’t wait to enjoy, but makes it easy to understand for anyone to cook! -Samantha Ferraro, Creator of The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Hi! I’m Shadi!

I’m here to share my expertise in Persian and Mediterranean cooking with you and show you how easy it is to put together a delicious Mediterranean dinner!

Even though many might think Mediterranean recipes are difficult or time consuming, I’m here to show you that if I can do it, so can you!

Start your journey towards making the best Mediterranean dinners now. And I’ll be here with you every step of the way.