Turkish  Borek Recipe

Borek is a Turkish savory crunchy pastry filled with different fillings such as cheese or potatoes.

They are perfect as a midday snack or for breakfast and you can make them in advance and freeze them for later.

Börek is a family of stuffed pastries made of thin dough such as yufka or phyllo (note that these two are different). It's of Anatolian origins and is also common in the cuisines of Balkans and Mediterranean.

Borek is more than just a simple Turkish dish. It's a way of life, it's meant to be eaten any time of the day when you want to take a break and enjoy a snack or meal.

You can make this recipe with one or more fillings. Potato Fillings, Spinach Fillings, and Cheese Fillings.

Borek makes the perfect appetizer for parties and gatherings. You can prepare them in advance and just fry them right before the party.

If you're making borek using phyllo dough, make sure you work with one sheet at a time and keep the remaining sheets under a damp towel to prevent them from drying.

You can make this recipe with one or more fillings. This vegetarian Turkish pastry is very versatile.





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