Hi! I’m Shadi, the meaning of my name is “happy”, which suits me very well! I live with my husband, who is my best friend and my recipe tester too! I believe in happiness, peace and homemade food! I have always been into food, baking and cooking. I remember my favorite book when I was a kid was my mom’s ancient cookbooks with all the food styling and different ingredients. For my birthdays I always used to ask for a new kitchen gadget or new cookbook. and since I was 16, I started baking my family’s birthday cakes.

I love trying new recipes and developing my own. I also love making
Iranian/Persian food which can be a challenge sometimes, but the more you
cook Persian food, the easier it gets! I will post Persian food recipes on
my blog when I see my mom again and take photos of her cooking Persian food
because I believe my mom makes the best Persian food in the world (That’s
something every Persian says about his/her mom!)

I lived in Turkey for 3 years and that also gave me an insight of food outside Iran too. Now in the US with all different ingredients, I’m sure I am going to explore more everyday and cook exciting food!

I love my family. To me family and good food are the most important things in the world. And the best part of my day is when I have dinner with my family, or breakfast, lunch and dinner at the weekend. In Iran, we always used to have meals together, I remember watching my mom cooking delicious food, with all the details in our kitchen and you could always smell the beautiful scent of saffron and cinnamon in our home. I’m planning to write about all those dishes and days here so everyone can enjoy what I did for a very long time!

So, Why Unicorns in the Kitchen? 

I believe in unicorns, fairies, dragons, magic and happy endings! Unicorns are so magical, they are always happy and jump over the clouds and help everyone. Sometimes, when I make something, it turn out so good that I cannot believe I actually made it! It’s like a unicorn has helped me with it by adding some magic to it when I was not looking! That’s why I say, There are unicorns in the kitchen!

Thank you so much for visiting unicorns in the kitchen, there is a unicorn in your kitchen too if you look closely enough 🙂




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  1. Hello Shadi, Thank you for these wonderful recipes. I grew up in the United States, but my husband is Iranian Armenian. I am not familar with the Persian cuisines so your recipes are very helpful and delicious too. Thank you so much. I look forward to learning more. All the best, TE
    1. Hi Trayce! Thank you for your kind comment! I'm happy that you like the recipes. Once my cookbook is out, you can even learn to make more Persian food!
  2. Hi Shadi, I'm most interested in your book. I'm vegan and would like to know if there are vegan recipes in your book other than the obvious vegetable side dishes. Thank you! Regards, TE
    1. Hi Theresa, Thank you for being interested in my cookbook! Yes there are many vegan recipes in the cookbook, including all the mixed rice dishes, some of the mixed rice dishes are served with some kind of meat but it's so easy to just leave the meat out because the main flavor is actually in the rice! There are many soups are stews that are naturally vegan and if they're not vegan, again, you can easily leave the meat out. I hope you love the cookbook! :)
  3. Hi Shadi! You're giving this university student hope that she might cook an Iranian dish or two yet. Thanks so much for your recipes. Warm wishes, - J
    1. Hi! That's so wonderful! You will love Iranian food and it's so easy! Cheers! <3

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