Eating Well During the Holidays


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Holidays can be crazy and super busy so eating well during the holidays is crucial. With just some tips, cooking can be a great experience!

Eating Well During the Holidays


This post is sponsored by Made In Cookware. As always, all opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Unicorns in the Kitchen! 

How’s your holiday season going? Mine has been super crazy, Thanksgiving month was amazing as we published many Thanksgiving recipes that you guys loved! And now it’s time for the biggest holiday of the year and we are all super busy with all the baking, cooking and parties!

Eating well during the holidays is very important, and that starts with eating good food at home. This is the time of the year we eat here and there most of the time so whenever we have the opportunity to eat at home, we do it because, you know, balance.

Eating Well During the Holidays

I’ve partnered with Made In to show you how important it is to cook at home more often and use high quality cookware for everyday use especially for eating well during the holidays. As a person who has grown up eating homemade food every single day, I sure can tell you that having high quality pots and pans is key to eating well and delicious at home.

Take the simple dish I’ve made here. It’s a simple noodle and veggies dish that I made the other day to test this pan from Made In. And I was super happy with it. The pan was easy to use, the handle was perfectly made and everything was of very high quality – which matters a lot to me as cooking is my job.

Eating Well During the Holidays

Tips for eating well during the holidays:

  • Always have a lot of fruit and veggies at home. This will help you come up with easy and simple recipes very quickly. We all love stir fries and if you have a couple of onions, peppers, carrots, cabbage, and some greens, you’re good to go.
  • Have a couple of handy and easy to use cookware. You don’t need to have a set of 12 pots and pans. Try to have a few but high quality cookware to use every day.
  • Try to minimize the use of red meat because you’ll have them at parties.
  • Empty your junk food cabinet, if you have one. This is the candy and snack season, so we’d be cautious about what we have at home.

Let me tell you a bit about Made In. It’s a premium cookware brand that makes better tools for modern cooking because they believe everyone deserve to have good cooking experiences at home. Made In is making people excited to cook at home again which makes me super happy because that’s the reason I’m here, to show everyone how exciting it is to cook from scratch at home and share food with family and loved ones!

Eating Well During the Holidays

Made In is high quality, affordable, laid back and urban. It’s not cheap, basic or conservative. What I love the most about Made In is that the products are not cute-sy, they are actually aesthetically appealing and they don’t contain the typical and potentially harmful non-stick chemicals which is very important to me and my family because these pans and pots are what we use everyday.

Made In has high production standards and all of their products are produced in an environmentally responsible way.

Eating Well During the Holidays

As Made In Cookware lasts longer and makes better tasting and healthier food, it enhances the experience of cooking at home. Once you trust your tools, you can trust your cooking instincts and you’ll be more confident in the dishes you prepare for yourself and others, especially through this busy holiday season!

If you’re looking for a fun holiday gift for the foodie in your life, or yourself, this is it. A high quality cookware is all you need to make amazing dishes!

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