I am attending IFBC!


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My first ever International Food Blogger Conference! And you guys have no idea how excited I am. This conference was actually a surprise gift from my sweet husband, Kyle and I had no idea he registered me. Until I received the confirmation email and I was like WHAAAAT??

This is just huge for me, it’s a great opportunity to meet lots of great people and food bloggers, and a wonderful chance to learn a lot of things regarding to blogging in general and specifically food blogging. How excited am I? Oh you have no idea.

There are lots of things I want to learn in this conference:

  • What I should know as a newbie food blogger
  • What a normal to good traffic is
  • How to improve my blog
  • How to write better
  • Taking good pictures, lighting, design and props
  • How to turn my food blog into a career
  • Many many other things

I am going to meet amazing people there and I hope next year, I can help other new bloggers to feel comfortable at the conference. I am also taking some essential things with me that I found out I should by reading Alina’s post about IFBC – one girl one glass one world:

  • My laptop and its charger
  • My Iphone and its charger
  • My business cards
  • A notebook to take notes of the speeches
  • List of questions I need to ask
  • Do I need anything else?

On Saturday we are going to have a food swap lunch with other bloggers and I am planning to make something so yummy which is also my favorite.

I am going to write more about the conference at the weekend and probably next week.

I’m so excited!

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