Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms

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These delicious grilled stuffed mushrooms are ready in 30 minutes. Stuffed with 3 types of cheese and spinach, this is a crowd pleasing appetizer!

Overhead shot of grilled stuffed mushrooms.


If you’ve checked our grilling recipes, you know we use our grill to make almost anything. From grilled chicken sandwiches and lamb burgers to grilled asparagus and even grilled pizza, we make them all on the barbecue and so can you! One of our favorite appetizer recipes is this grilled stuffed mushrooms that I’m sharing with you today. Follow along to see how to make this delicious grilling appetizer in no time!

Why You Should Try This Recipe

  • Easy: This recipe doesn’t require any specific skills but will impress everyone when served. It’s a recipe I always recommend new cooks to have on hand.
  • Delicious: The combination of 3 cheeses with spinach makes the perfect appetizer!
  • Make ahead: Hosting a summer gathering? Prepare these stuffed mushrooms ahead of times and grill them when you’re ready to serve.


To make this recipe you need mushrooms, parmesan, mozzarella, ricotta and spinach.
  • Mushrooms: I used white button mushrooms for this recipe but baby bella would work, too. Make sure the mushrooms are completely clean and dry before you start preparing the dish.
  • Ricotta: I recommend using whole milk ricotta since skim might contain too much water.
  • Mozzarella: You can use a ball of mozzarella and shred it yourself or use store-bought shredded mozzarella.
  • Parmesan: For the best flavor! It’s best to grate the block of parmesan yourself.
  • Spinach: Baby spinach works best for this recipe. You can us frozen spinach as well. If doing so, make sure it’s thawed and squeeze out all the excess liquid prior to cooking.

How To Make Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms

Empty the mushrooms and fill them with cheese and herbs then grill and serve with marinara sauce.
  1. Preheat the grill to high, clean and dry the mushrooms.
  2. Remove the stems and scoop out the inside to make room for the filling.
  3. Chop the stems finely and place them in a bowl with the ricotta, parmesan, half of the mozzarella and chopped spinach. Season with salt and pepper, then mix well to combine.
  4. Scoop the mixture into the mushrooms, you can make then quite full if needed.
  5. Place the stuffed mushrooms in a cast iron skillet and Top with the remaining shredded mozzarella.
  6. Place the skillet on the grill and close the lid. Grill for 8 to 10 minutes until the mushrooms are cooked and the cheese is melted. Serve with marinara sauce if desired.


This cheesy stuffed mushrooms are so good on their own. However, here are a few ways to jazz up the flavors:

  • Add herbs including parsley, thyme or oregano.
  • For a subtle kick, grate a clove of garlic into the mixture.
  • Add a tablespoon of breadcrumbs for a denser filling.
  • To make the filling spicy, add 1 chopped jalapeno.
  • Use other types of cheese such as gruyere or goat cheese.
  • Use other ingredients including chopped sun dried tomatoes or olives.

Serving Suggestions

You can serve these grilled stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer alongside grilled chicken, lamb chops, grilled branzino and Mediterranean grilled vegetables. Turn it into a complete summer meal by serving a large grilled peach salad and finish with grilled berry crisp!

Close up shot of grilled stuffed mushrooms.


These stuffed mushrooms are best served immediately right off the grill. However, if you have leftovers, store them in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 days. To serve, place them in an oven safe dish and reheat them in the oven at 300 degrees F for about 15 minutes or until heated through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make stuffed mushrooms ahead of time?

Yes, you can prepare them up to 2 days in advance and refrigerate them in an airtight container. Once you’re ready to grill, take them out of the fridge and proceed with the instructions.

Can you freeze stuffed mushrooms?

Yes, but it’s best to freeze them uncooked. Place the prepared mushrooms in a freezer safe container and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw the stuffed mushrooms in the fridge overnight and grill as instructed.

Can I use other mushrooms for this recipe?

You can use baby bella mushrooms as well as portobello mushrooms. Keep in mind that larger mushrooms may take longer to cook.

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5 from 10 votes

Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms

These delicious grilled stuffed mushrooms are ready in 30 minutes. Stuffed with 3 types of cheese and spinach, this is a crowd pleasing appetizer!
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 25 minutes
Servings: 4
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  • 1 lb white button mushrooms
  • 1 cup baby spinach, chopped
  • 1/2 cup ricotta cheese
  • 1/3 cup parmesan cheese, grated
  • 1/2 cup mozzarella, shredded
  • 2 tbsp fresh basil, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/2 cup marinara sauce, to serve


  • Preheat the grill to high.
  • Clean the mushrooms and remove the stem. Scoop out the insides to make room for the filling. Chop the stems finely.
  • Mix the mushroom stems with spinach, ricotta, parmesan, half of the mozzarella, basil, salt and pepper. Spoon the filling into the mushrooms.
  • Place the mushrooms in a cast iron skillet and top with the rest of the mozzarella.
  • Grill for 8 to 10 minutes until the cheese is melted. Serve with marinara.



  • You can prepare the the filling and stuff the mushrooms up to 2 days in advance and keep them refrigerated until you’re ready to grill. 
  • You can use larger mushrooms such as portobello, however keep in mind that the cooking time might be longer. 
  • Store the leftovers in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Reheat in the oven at 300 degrees F for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • You can use vegan cheese alternatives for this recipe as long as they melt well. 


Calories: 163kcal | Carbohydrates: 7g | Protein: 14g | Fat: 10g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 32mg | Sodium: 695mg | Potassium: 549mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 1186IU | Vitamin C: 7mg | Calcium: 251mg | Iron: 1mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

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    Just made these grilled stuffed mushrooms, and they were absolutely delicious! The filling was so flavorful—this recipe is a keeper for sure!

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    It’s so fun to make a super-impressive appetizer like this on the grill – total WOW to kick off my cookout! I don’t always need a vegan version (depending on my guest list), but I also really appreciated that you mentioned I can sub a melt-able vegan cheese if needed. Thanks for the yummy, impressive recipe!

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    Mmm, these grilled stuffed mushrooms look delicious! Will definitely keep this recipe handy during grilling season!

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    I’m loving this filling in these stuffed mushrooms. I can’t wait to make these and share them with my friends and family.

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